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What with the technical requirements lever hoist

Lever hoist is a lightweight and easy manual traction machinery. It has a compact structure, small size, light weight, portable, and stable performance. Its working principle is smoothed by two self-locking tongs, turn the same folder as the two rope fixing shaft for reciprocating motion, so as to achieve traction operation. It can act as traction in a variety of projects, winch. Lifting and other operations. In addition to the horizontal and vertical use, it is also in the slopes, uneven, narrow streets, winding turns to operate under working conditions can also be in any place and without power supply

Environment. Lever hoist at the construction site often used for loading, unloading, installation of small equipment, small tools such as components and piping.

Use requirements:
(1) the use of lever hoist, the load from the weight of no more than allowed, according to the tag from the weight used.
(2) the use can not handle any longer, because the starting lever hoist the weight is limited, two-handed pull force also has a certain size, longer handle the overload will cause lever hoist use, causing parts damage.
(3) should always check the wire rope for wear, and kinks, broken wires, broken stocks, which do not meet the safe use must be replaced.
(4) The working principle of the lever hoist is the use of alternative clamp clamp rope, so requires the use of steel core wire rope core rather than using hemp rope, hemp-core rope due to soft and elastic, the clamp after clamp loosening of the phenomenon, is not secure.
(5) lever hoist before use to conduct a comprehensive inspection and testing, use after maintenance.
8. Wheeled crane industry and the market response to development opportunities

By the global financial crisis, China's economic growth slowed down, in order to stimulate the economy, the state starting in 2008 have been injected 4 trillion yuan investment, the People's Bank of China Deputy Governor Yi interpretation of the investment flows of steel: "4 trillion major the flow of 'Rail-based', that is, railways, roads, infrastructure, funds are to invest in the people's livelihood projects "" to invest in railway construction funds will
total investment of 1 / 3. " Expand infrastructure boom crane can not do without the participation of the railway construction will provide a broader lifting of the stage.

From the October 2008 start, small and medium tonnage of wheeled crane market has fallen sharply, down more than 50% market sales, consumer markets have adopted the attitude, the basic medium and small tonnage wheeled crane market in trouble, but as the state has two groups of central response investment in place. Wheeled cranes from January to May 2009 was to the good domestic market situation, sales grew 10.8%. The Chinese government and enterprises still have a very strong economic strength to address the financial crisis and the negative impact. Lifting the financial crisis will become an opportunity to upgrade the machinery industry. Therefore, in the sense that the crane will face another spring.

How wheel crane industry into the global financial crisis is another opportunity for industrial development? How to stimulate business policies into national development opportunities for the enterprise? We believe that, first, the integration of technology resources to upgrade product lines; Second, seize the 4 trillion of investment in major construction projects and the hot, targeted development and improved products to meet the construction project on the wheeled crane needs.

And construction machinery-related infrastructure projects, mainly roads, railways, urban public transport, water conservancy, electric power, aviation and other investments 6. For lifting, the small and medium tonnage crane to meet the basic domestic manufacturing enterprises, but in operating performance, reliability, precision on the uneven lifting, can not meet modern construction, installation, operation requirements. Large wheeled cranes mainly imported before 2004, basically no domestic manufacturers, Hsu Chung-after nearly 7 years of continuous exploration, has a completely independent intellectual property rights, from the relatively well-130t-150t all terrain crane series of large tonnage. But the face of the demand for investment projects in different countries, common type of large-tonnage cranes products have been used can not fully meet the project needs, in order to fully occupy the domestic market, we must demand for infrastructure projects in special cases and more focused development of large tonnage Wheel crane market.