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Electric wire rope hoist maintenance knowledge
electric wire rope hoist routine inspections 
1.1 check wire rope electric hoist cable 
check whether there are new york cable cutter, crush, the corrosion, broken wire rope or cable. 
check whether the rope into the slot and the cable reel cable core. 
1.2 check hook pulley rope electric hoist 
check whether the hook free to move in all directions. 
check safety pins, and to see it is valid. 
check cable core is rotating freely and smoothly. 
1.3 check the lifting hoist wire rope hoist limit switch 
verify whether the top of the limit switches operate correctly. 
verify the bottom limit switch is operating correctly. 
1.4 check wire rope electric hoist button controller 
check button controller to see whether there are cracks or rack signs of wear, and the switch is loose or broken. 
so check the function buttons and switches and usage is normal. 
check whether the correct operation of the emergency button. 
during the test, the lifting hoist work vt to press the emergency button. correct approach is to press the emergency button, the button can be used to verify whether the mobile lifting hoist. 
2. electric wire rope hoist thoroughly inspected [go] 
once the crane swp% value reaches zero, from heavy gourd theory vt life had reached its limit. in this case, lifting hoist more likely flawed, the security operation would be a crisis, so in this case, to crane hoist on a thorough examination. only the manufacturer of hoist lifting vt or its authorized service agencies have the right to conduct such a check in the maintenance, check that affect parts of the crane hoist life. in the end go, lifting hoist, there has been a new theory safe working cycle (swp). 
when the safety of lifting hoist duty cycle (swp) to reach the finish line, lifting hoist only after a thorough inspection can only be put into use. 
second, wire rope electric hoist lubricant 
lower-fat or incompatible lubricants may damage the gears or bearings. use only those specified by manufacturers original product. 
if the lifting hoist long-term work in extremely cold conditions (below -25 ℃) and high temperature conditions (above +55 ℃), the use of synthetic lubricant is recommended. 
if you want to replace the gearbox oil, check the compatibility of lubricant to be added. if necessary, rinse gear. 
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