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Integrated technology resources to upgrade products


The face of current market trends user, Xu heavy investment for the state key construction projects carried out on the full range of crane products, market trend analysis, detailed breakdown of the tonnage of each of the operating range of application products, while providing greater lift for users operating performance , reliability, accuracy for the lifting of the guiding ideology of product upgrades, combined with the company has developed intelligent control technology, the combination of balance weight technology, the overall optimization technology, cylinder latch design, technology and human mature technology, the early accumulation of mature technology upgrade in the series.

Xuzhou Heavy focus on upgrading the 20t - 100t crane products, so the whole family, focusing on optimizing the overall layout and structural design of products, starting in the product line with national laws and regulations under the premise of the road, with railways, roads and bridges cast construction, culvert work, station venue construction on the long arm, the demand for substantial performance of the lifting operation, targeted to develop the best operating performance of domestic wheeled crane upgrade products. In the 30t of products, through the overall layout, boom, turntable, chassis, parts of the optimized design, the main boom arm length from the 10.1-38.5m to upgrade to 10.6-40.4m; in the long arm of the lifting operation performance 10%, the whole length of the minimum level of domestic tonnage, (12.5m), the average time between failures increased from 630 hours to 700 hours, lifting the accuracy of the upgrade to the 10mm level. Upgraded products more suitable for small spaces ,10-15m truss structure substantially accurate installation and can be easily adjusted qualified renovation and construction railway stations.

Through targeted development, Hsu Chung-formed to meet the railway and highway bridge pier cast erection, installation of a dedicated beam-class products 20t-30t, 50t-100t large range of prefabricated, light rail, grid installation of special products group. Seize the opportunity to fully occupy large tonnage wheeled crane market

Expanding industrial production, to promote the growing demand for large cranes, lifting  more and more, work more and more widely, and higher energy consumption and reliability requirements. Construction cranes have become an important professional aspects of the production process. Crane not only easy to make, easy to maintain, and better security, higher reliability, excellent durability requirements, trouble-free nature, maintenance and use of economy. Industrial production and diversity of user requirements so that special crane market continued to expand, to the unique capabilities to meet special needs, to play the best effect. Such as metallurgy, nuclear power special cranes, railways, ships, wind power special cranes, which require ever-increasing functionality, performance, continuous improvement, adaptive lifting machinery and equipment stronger than before.

Wind power, nuclear power, hydropower and other clean energy will be supported by the state infrastructure projects, the construction of these projects on large-tonnage cranes operating margin, operating height, starting weight, lifting demand for higher accuracy. All-terrain crane large tonnage by road and regulations, not unlimited extension boom arm length and improve performance.

How to make the performance of the existing maximum main boom of the play, to resolve the conflict between performance and regulatory issues?

Super from technology, luffing, jib extension technology is good way to solve the problem of this contradiction.

Ultra 2003 from the German technology company first 500t Liebherr all terrain crane applications, since the ultra-technical structure, control complexity, while the blockade by the foreign technology, it is difficult to imitate. Large and very large length of a long boom crane, force bad, do not solve the problem of lifting the arm force is difficult to improve the machine's lifting performance. Super from technology, to reduce the deflection of the boom, lifting height increases greatly enhance the performance of lifting, the crane is a technological revolution. In the ensuing years, the world's major manufacturers have all the ground in large tonnage from the application of ultra-technology; Xu Zhong through independent research, 07 the first time in 300t products from the use of ultra-door technology, and in 2008 formed Super Y-play technology.

Play through the use of ultra-technology to increase end boom luffing plane of a force, to overcome the lifting arm in lifting the state of deformation, reducing the risk of cross-section boom moment, reduce stress, improve vigilance performance of the main lifting arm; the same time from the device after application of ultra, ultra distance from the horizontal section is greater than the width of all arms, so that in the arm from the end of super-focus have a strong lateral support, thereby enhancing the boom in lifting the lateral stability of the state. Improved jib horizontal, vertical force, the reduction of 3-5 meters of deflection boom, lifting height of 2-4 meters to increase and improve the performance of 12-110%. By extension jib, jib tower technology to overcome the weight and the boom box from the contradictory relationship between weight and expand the large-tonnage cranes operating room, operating range.

Extended 500t all terrain crane will be lifting the ideal of 1.5MW wind turbine models, from the crane to lift Y-performance super-double, in the configuration luffing jib 91 meters, you can complete the wind wheel (weight 30 tons, the wheel hub and wind vanes (3 tons), with the maximum 16 tons, hanging high 65m), cabin (total weight of 50-60t tons, hanging high 65m) and the lifting column can be one-stop shop for all units to complete the installation.

From devices with ultra-300t all terrain crane, lifting performance by nearly 100%, light rail is the erection of precast beam (hanging high 12m, operating range of 12m, from the weight of less than 200t) the ideal model; increase the 22m tower, Deputy 14m jib arm or longer after the wind turbines as wind power special crane.

In addition to meet the wind power, high-speed rail project-specific model, the Xu heavy lifting based on the needs of large-scale petrochemical have developed a special model 400t equipment installation for 1.5MW, 2MW, 2.5MW wind power maintenance 200t, 240t wind power, petrochemical maintenance model, adapted to adjust the lifting road bridge 130t, 160t bridge board dedicated aircraft models.

We wheeled crane reserve for technology upgrading, product upgrading to meet market demand, quick support for national projects to support the needs of wheeled cranes, we believe that this crisis will become a heavy-duty wheeled crane XCMG another opportunity for the development of .