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Electric Chain Hoist Safety Code

First, the safety rules
1. Only trained personnel before operating hoist.

2. Shall not operate in explosive gas atmospheres gourd.

3. Do the following things must be properly hanging hook at the end of the study in all tabs.

4. Do not use the failure of the lifting chain or rope.

5. Do not use the specified range of voltage Frequency (HZ)

6. To avoid electric shock, can be completely grounded.

7. Note that the power for the three-phase or single phase voltage size.

8. Electric chain hoist enough to be installed on the strength of the structure.

9. In reverse to make sure I remember before moving the motor has completely stopped and run, non-sudden reverse.

10. To avoid sharp movements up and down.

11. Install hoist, the power cord through the gear box at the top rings do not.

12. Do not over-use of limit switch device.

13. Suspended when the goods are not shaking too much.

14. Lifting heavy objects hanging when not in a state of imbalance in the implementation of lifting.

15. Do not allow electric chain hoist fell from a height.

16. Do not hoist the chain used as a welding electrode.

17. Not in the electric chain hoist for lifting the working properties of fused material as a conductor will affect the chain hoist and damage the internal mechanical and electrical structure.

18. Do not own the internal transformation of electric chain hoist mechanical, electrical or structural.

19. Gourd after use should be the next hook up, avoid walking across.

20. Hoist operation is complete, the button switch and hook the chain to be under the direct re-suspension, to ensure safety.

21. Hyacinth rampant, from the walking track is not coated with oil.

22. Please note that when you replace the chain bag, dimensions, size.

23. More than the load of the hoist is very dangerous, but also try to overload combined use is strictly prohibited.

24. Suspended when the goods are not goods, the top of the chain bag the top of the chain operation.

25. Manned strictly prohibited.

26. Operations staff in lifting heavy objects is prohibited under the direction or progress.

27. Gourds hanging when not in use must be put down objects or hangers shall not be suspended in the air.

28. Hoist chain hanging in a straight line to be stopped, further lifting.

29. Chain of irregular and tie, do not operate.

30. Hyacinth rampage, do not walk so as not to damage the host material impact convex

31. Non-horizontal pull, and stayed.

32. Can not be embedded to the lifting of fixations.

33. Do not use gourds tied around the main chain of goods.

34. Chain hoist where the impact force, the use of high frequency operating state, the chain must be replaced once a year.

35. After the chain broke, not their own use after soldering.

36. The whole chain must be renewed, not part of the replacement.

37. Chain lubricant should be applied before use.

38. Gears, bearings and other friction parts necessary to add oil.

39. Hyacinth not to be used for appropriate anti-rust treatment, good care.

40. Do not use the cargo lift for the host.