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Hand chain hoist down why?

Chain hoists to the more commonly used as a tool for small lifting, it used widely, in the absence of power, no large machinery in the workplace can play all of his functions and efficiency of the previously mentioned hand chain hoist is A lifting tool is very common for manufacturers of this product without too many technical problems, so many companies producing such products, the production chain hoists in the business too much, resulting in oversupply of products in the market the situation among the natural pressure of the formation of the price of the enterprise.

There are several chain hoists to reduce costs, one in the production equipment to reduce investment, the general use of the processing chain hoists accessories, or hand chain hoist with used equipment parts, the second is to reduce the part of the standard size, material, processing steps, such as Shell, the market, lifting chain welded surface treatment, treatment of other parts too far, so that low-cost production out on chain hoists.

Generally low quality chain hoists the following questions:
1. In a safe load using chain hoists, chain, hooks and other load bearing parts will deform or crack and so on.
2. In normal use, hanging weights can not occur only under the situation.
3. In normal use, the hand chain hoist lifting heavy objects will appear downturn.
4. In normal use, the hand chain hoist hand chain sprocket chain will be stuck.
5. Up and down the hook when the board, a serious distortion does not work, can not guarantee that things will not slip by hanging hook.
6. Chain hoist shaft for hardened internal gear or inadequate, resulting in broken teeth can not be properly increased or decreased.

Above 5 is a recurring problem the other problem is not them here for example, short chain hoists in the purchase be sure to check carefully before pulling a gourd of packaging, packaging specified above, from the weight, chain length, production date, the other To ask what the shelf life of products sold off the company way, durability range, and shelf-life period. If you and the sales company that shelf life of the contract terms must be written clearly.