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Electric hoist with what issues should pay attention to?

Xinrong Lifting remind you, using electric hoist must pay attention to what the problem is, you can reduce the unnecessary problems have to extend the service life of electric hoist.

1. Newly installed or overhauled after the installation of electric hoist, the first transfer should be run empty several times. But not installed before the test should not transfer power.

2. In normal use, should be carried out prior to 125% of rated load, lifting off the ground about 100 mm, 10-minute static load test and check whether it is normal.

3. Dynamic test is based on rated load weight, lift and move around for repeated testing, test check the mechanical transmission parts, electrical parts and connecting parts are normal and reliable.

4. In use, the absolute prohibition of the environment is not allowed, and more than rated load and nominal closing hour number (120) of cases.

5. Installation and maintenance, must strictly limit device is flexible and reliable inspection, when the hook to the upper limit position, the hook from the shell to the shell of the roll must be greater than 50mm (10T, 16T, 20T must be greater than 120mm .) When the hook down to the lower limit position, should ensure the safety rope drum circle, circle to be effective and safe in 2 turns or more.

6. Not allowed to press the two opposite direction of the electric hoist to run the flashlight by the door button.

7. After the work is the total gate to be opened to the power, cut off the power.

8. Electric hoist by hand manipulation, exercise should take full advantage of the public safety operation, non-pull ramp hanging crooked.

9. In the use of specialized personnel must inspect hoist regularly, found that failure to take timely measures, and carefully recorded.

10. Adjust the amount of electric hoist brake down, they should ensure that the rated load, braking down the amount of S.