HSH Lever Block
HSH Lever Block Introduction:
The board calabash of hand is the manual hoisting machinery of the multiuse of a kind of high efficiency, The extensive equipment
applied to the departments, such as shipbuilding, electric power, transport, architecture, mine, post and telecommunications,etc.
is installed, Articles arise to hang, the parts are drawn etc.. Especially in the narrow and small workplace, the field, the work high
above the ground and traction force of different angles, Have unique superiority even more. Hand pull calabash main parts transport
and make with high quality steel, design and have following characteristics with serviceability:
Safe and reliable, durable in use
It is strength little, efficiency high for hand to pull
The structure is advanced, aesthetic in appearance
Small, light, carry it conveniently
Performance is good, it is simple and convenient to maintain

HSH Lever Block Parameters:
Model HSH-0.75 HSH-1.5 HSH-3.2 HSH-6
Capacity 0.75T 1.5T 3.2T 6T
Standard lifting height 1.5M 1.5M 1.5M 1.5M
Test load 1.1T 2.2T 4.41T 7.35T
Chainpull to lift full load 196N 206N 324N 343N
No.of load chain fall lines 1 1 1 1
Diameter of load chain 6MM 7MM 10MM 10MM
Net weight 7KG 11KG 20KG 30KG
Length of handile 290MM 410MM 410MM 410MM
Packing masurement
(LXWXH)  mm
382*167*162 517*197*177 577*247*217 577*247*217
Extra weight meter of extra lift 0.8kg 1.10kg 2.2kg 4.4kg