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Tire Protection Chain
The Tyre Protection Chain Introduction:

The Tyre Protection Chain is a steel mesh of high quality, casting,drop forged, hardened, fine grain alloy steel. It protects the tread and sidewalls of the tyres and provides very good traction in the worst conditions.
Why use the tyre protection chains 
Equipment downtime and loss of productivity are the result of sudden tyre failure.
In order to avoid tyre failure, we need to equip the tire ptotection chain to: 
* Reducing your operating costs
* Lowering your downtime
* Increasing your productivity  
We manufacture and supply all parts and accessories for tyre protection chains. 
Different between casting and forged chain:
Forging: Press into a certain shape under high temperature, make the crystal grain thiner.
Casting: Melting metal fills mould and gets cooling, makes some bubbles in the product.

The Tyre Protection Chain Parameters:

Specification Specification Specification
16/70-20 37.25-35 10.00-16
16/20-24 37.5-33 11.00-16
17.5-25 37.5-39 10.00-20
20.5-25 38-39CM-4 11.00-20
23.5-25 38-39CM-5 12.00-20
23.1-26 35/65-33CM-4 12.00-24
26.5-25 35/65-33CM-5 14.00-24
29.5-25 40/65-39CM-4 14.00-25
29.5-29 40/65-39CM-5 18.00-24
29.5-35 45/65-45CM-4 18.00-25
32.25-35 45/65-45CM-5 18.00-33
35.5-33 750-16 21.00-33
33.5-39 9.75-18 21.00-35